Town Planning Strategies

We are a boutique town planning practice providing advice to clients across all Council areas within Queensland and New South Wales.

Preliminary Town Planning Advice

Our experience and knowledge of State and Council planning controls enable us to provide prompt advice as to the most appropriate form of development for your property.

Preparing Development Applications

Our benefit to you is an eventual saving of both time and money while enabling your project to get underway.

Free initial appraisal

Are you considering developing a property? Town Planning Strategies offers a free initial appraisal of your development opportunities.

For any town planning enquiries please do not hesitate to contact our office below.

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Free appraisal

Feel free to complete the form below and we will happily advise you of the likely development opportunities.

Experience and expertise in the development industry

Our experience enables us to act as project town planners and project managers.

Our focus is on achieving a distinctly positive outcome for our clients while minimising time and costs associated with the development process.